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Biographie The good effects of stand up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) originated in Hawaii in the 50's and is a mixture of both surfing and paddling. It is an emerging recreational activity which has attracted attention for its proposed fitness, strength and balance benefits. Anecdotally, SUP is thought to be a beneficial clinical training tool as it possesses many facets of an ideal rehabilitative exercise. However our recent review of the literature has identified minimal scientific evidence to substantiate the proposed benefits. Stand Up Paddleboarding is the world’s fastest-growing water sport, and has gained immense popularity in the past 2 years. Why? Paddle boarding is a fun way to be close to nature with the added benefits of a full-body workout, meditation and also socialization. SUP is a low-impact sport and with wide board versatility, makes it a good sport for everyone to enjoy, no matter your skill level, where you are or what type of paddleboarding you’d like to do. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a rapidly growing sport and recreational activity where anecdotal evidence exists for its proposed health, fitness and injury rehabilitation benefits. While limited scientific evidence exists to substantiate these claims, previous studies have shown that high levels of fitness, strength and balance exists amongst participants of this sport. One of the major attractions of SUP is that it is thought to a good fitness training tool. Physical activity is well understood to increase cardiovascular fitness which is associated with cardiovascular mortality. Physical inactivity is a major modifiable risk factor of a range of non‐communicable diseases such as diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis and some forms of cancer. Physical activity significantly improves overall health, lowers the risk of heart disease by 40 %, stroke by 27 % and lowers the incidence of hypertension by almost 50 % . Physical activity has also been associated with improved mental health and well‐being, minimizing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and depression.

Our prior research has demonstrated that high levels of aerobic and anaerobic fitness, core strength and balance are possessed by those classed as elite amongst this sport. Given the issue of sedentary behaviour and limited scientific research on SUP regarding the anecdotal claims of benefit of this activity, our intention was to assess the benefit of SUP on a group of sedentary, untrained individuals with respect to fitness, strength, balance and self-rated quality of life.

How do Raft Foundations work?

Raft, simplest type of watercraft, made up of logs or planks fastened together to form a floating platform. The earliest were sometimes made of bundles of reeds. Most rafts have been designed simply to float with the current, but they can be equipped with oars or sails or both and can be navigated in the ocean over long distances, as was dramatically demonstrated by Norwegian scientist Thor Heyerdahl in 1947; to test his theory that the Pacific islands might have been settled by people from South America, he sailed a large balsa raft, the Kon-Tiki, from Peru to islands near Tahiti in a voyage of three and a half months. The double-hulled catamarans of India are also seaworthy rafts. A raft foundation spreads the weight of the building over the whole ground floor area of that building. The raft is laid on a hardcore, or scalping bed and usually thickened at the edges, especially in very poor ground. Rafts are most suitable when the ground is of good load bearing capacity and little work is required to get a solid foundation.

Raft Foundations are built is this following steps:

The soil removed down to correct depth

The foundation bed is then compacted by ramming

Lay reinforcement on spacers over the foundation bed

Pour the concrete over the reinforcement

Other reasons that make raft foundations preferable to footings are due to their engineering benefits. They are ideal for poor ground condition where normal footings would not cope well as they cannot spread the load as effectively. Related to this is that raft foundations can reduce differential settlement, where settlement occurs at different rates across the ground surface of the building, which reduces cracking and other more serious problems. The main disadvantage is that they can prone to edge erosion if they are not treated properly. They are not effective is the load of the building is going to be focused on a single point, although this is rare in domestic construction, so this isn’t generally of concern.

A Guide to electric SUP Pumps

Are you looking for an inflatable SUP pump and ready to graduate to an electric one? We know, hand pumping an inflatable paddle board gets old over time. If you want to get out on the water quickly and efficiently, you’ll appreciate the convenience of an electric pump. An electric paddle board pump will inflate your paddle board for you within minutes. All you have to do is push a button and the pump will do all the work for you. Sounds nice, right? Below, we discuss the best inflatable SUP electric pumps on the market. The biggest advantage of using an electric pump is to save time. If you use your inflatable SUP board frequently, the extra minutes and energy it takes you to hand pump will add up. An electric pump can make a difference of being in the water within minutes versus a half hour or more. The best inflatable electric SUP pumps will have enough power to inflate your paddle board to its suggested PSI (13-17 PSI) in 5- 10 minutes. In addition, the best electric pumps will offer multiple power sources for hook up and other bells & whistles to enhance your pumping experience. ISLE 12V Electric Pump is the best and most affordable electric pump on the market. This electric pump is equipped with a two-stage turbine, inflating your paddle board in under five minutes and has a max pressure of a whopping 20 PSI. There are two ways you can hook up the 12V Electric Pump to your car. 1) Your car’s cigarette lighter. 2) Your car battery. The cigarette lighter is the easiest option, but some car’s do not have this option leaving you to hook it up to your car battery with cables provided in the box. The 12V Electric Pump has a digital pressure selector to choose the exact PSI you want your inflatable SUP pumped up to. As the 12V Electric Pump inflates your paddle board, the digital screen on the pump will show exactly what PSI your board is at until it reaches the PSI you have chosen. This is a great feature to be able to gauge the progress of your board being pumped up. Once your pump reaches the PSI you have chosen, it will automatically turn off. This is another useful feature because this will show you that your board is ready to go and avoids over inflating your board. This inflatable SUP pump is compatible with all Halkey-Roberts and Bravo valves which means this pump can be used on just about any inflatable SUP available on the market. However, if your inflatable SUP does not have these valves, the 12V Electric Pump comes with five universal adapters to fit your SUP.

4 Best Electric Paddle Boards with a Motor (in 2022)

The stand-up paddle board world is growing and expanding. With that growth we are seeing some really innovative new products on the market providing stand-up paddlers with some great options. Maybe you’ve wished you had an electric drive on a long and challenging paddling trip, so you could glide along effortlessly and even ride against the current with ease!? Good news…because this is now possible! The electric motors, which have caused a real boom in the bicycle sector for a long time and are slowly becoming the norm, are also finding their way into other sports. For a few years now there are also paddle boards with motor in different versions. Completely electric boards,Retrofit paddling motors,Sipaboards,Scubajet, they 're the best 4 boards in 2022. This is primarily due to the developments of resourceful engineers and the advancement of ever more powerful batteries.We at are of course always on the lookout for paddling innovations and this definitely includes boards with electric motors.For some, mostly passionate paddlers, the electric paddle boards are a pure, costly gimmick and are rather smiled at.Die-hard fans on the other hand, are totally enthusiastic and do not want to miss this technical progress in any case.The future will certainly show whether the motorization in the paddling area will prevail and become a similar revolution, as in other sports.

The Difference Between Inflatables and Hard Paddle Boards

Hardboards tend to be faster, offer better glide, and tend to maintain momentum better than inflatables. This is because the vast majority of inflatable boards tend to have fat planing hulls that maintain the same level of thickness from nose to tail. Keep in mind that you will need to inflate and deflate your inflatable before and after you go paddling. If you’re more of a load and go type of person, a hard paddle board will be your best friend. When purchasing a hard paddle board, you need to consider where you will be storing it during SUP season and the off season. Yes, you could store it in your garage, but you still need make sure you have plenty of clearance and room to maneuver your board (9 to 12 feet long) in and out of your home. Hard paddle boards are the best option if you plan to use your paddle board for SUP surfing, SUP racing, or long-distance expeditions.We did a speed test between inflatables and hard paddle boards and found that hard paddle boards were 5% faster than inflatables. 
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